cine film transfers

Here at AVP Studios we can transfer most film formats to modern digital media.  This includes DVD, hard drive, USB flash drive and more.  We output your finished videos in the industry standard .mp4 file format but we are able to create the files in the digital format of your choice.

All films are scanned in HD to preserve the very best quality available from your films.  A film cleaning service is available, please download our price list and look at our 'premium' service for this.

We can scan most film formats including regular/standard 8, super 8 and 16mm film sizes.  If you are not sure what you have simply contact us and we will help you with this.  We are not able to transfer 9.5mm film or sound film at the moment, our Retroscan HD scanner only handles silent film.

price list

Download our latest price list or telephone us for a quote.